Sober in Shanghai – 6 days until departure

by erics1100paces

My name is Eric.  I’m an alcoholic.  Shocking, I know.  But I’m not a practicing alcoholic, and I haven’t been one for the last 41 days.  That’s not a ton of time, though it feels like quite an achievement to a drunk like me.  Still, ready or not…

I must leave to China for work in 6 days.

It’s going to be an interesting experience, but certainly one that poses some risks.  Right now, I’ve got my home group, which inoculates me each day against the pull of alcohol.  Soon I will no longer be able to physically attend meetings with my home group.  Thus, I must take measures to stay connected.  This blog, documenting my experiences going into, through, and out of this 6-12 week long trip, is one way in which I hope to stay connected.   My intent is to post every day from now until I get back.  Basically, I want to be as integrated into the sober community as possible, so that there is considerable impetus to avoid that first drink.

Any comments or messages anyone sends my way are appreciated, and will help keep me sober.  And who knows?  Perhaps I’ll say something here that will help keep another alcoholic sober as well.