5 Days Out – No meeting this morning

by erics1100paces

I skipped my morning meeting today, and I didn’t have a very good reason.  Yes, I had to come into the office early to let some workers in, but not that early.   And yeah I felt like I was getting sick last night, but I seemed to be fine when when I woke up.  I got up in plenty of time, too – before 5AM.

But it felt kind of good, you know?  I was restless yesterday morning in the meeting.  So this morning, I just played Football on the PS3, and drank coffee, and smoked cigarettes.  No hangover, no (recent) shame, just a cold, nice morning and a clear head.  And I’m excited to reconnect with the group tomorrow morning, now that I missed a day.

Sometimes the gifts of the program include skipping a meeting.