4 Days Out – Preparations

by erics1100paces

Today, tomorrow, Monday, Tuesday…  I leave on Wednesday.   That measures as 4 Days Out to me.

Here’s what I’ve done so far to prepare myself to stay sober on this trip:

1.  Planned skype conversations with my sponsor.

2.  Gotten a mailing address from G. with the express purpose of mailing him daily postcard updates.

3.  Contacted 3 people in Shanghai regarding the meetings there, and asked if they needed any books, chips, etc.

4.  Started this blog.

5.  Discussed with multiple people at my home group the intent to return sober.

I’m actually feeling kind of excited about the trip now.  It will diversify – is already diversifying – my sober experience.  I’m excited to update this blog, and write those postcards, and meet those people.   I’m excited to incorporate more self-expression into the process, to possibly impact others in a positive way.  And that’s important.  It’s important that I find the process of sobriety more appealing than the prospect of alcohol.

Well, time to get back to working at my real job.  I need to have everything set up here before I leave too.