1 Day Ou… Ahem, 6 Day Out

by erics1100paces

Earlier I was riding my motorcycle and thinking.  I had shared at my morning meeting, speaking longer than usual, given that it would be my last there for a while.  I had spoken about my trip, of course, and mentally rehashed my words as I rode south on the 605.      And I thought about my last post before the day of departure, composing it in my head.  And I thought about alcohol, of course.  Always that.

I returned to the office from my exciting trip to the Office of Fire Safety,  still rather lost in my head about everything.

Boss:  “Hey.  By the way.  Change of plans.  You aren’t leaving until Tuesday the 18th.  Start date’s been pushed back to the 21st.”

And so the countdown restarts.  I’ve been assured things are hereby final.