6 Days Out, 6:15 AM

by erics1100paces

I’ll hit an evening meeting later today.  I’m settling into an every other day pattern, and that feels OK to me.   But I didn’t go to one yesterday, and I didn’t make this morning’s meeting either, so that means tonight.   Around day 40-45 I stopped popping out of bed every morning between 4 and 5 AM, as I had prior.  During the first 30 days, that 6:15 AM start time was golden.  Now, it just seems dreadfully early.

I’m feeling ready to settle into legit student mode here.  Not the desperate kind of “fine I’ll do whatever” student I was at first, but the kind of student who accepts that others actually understand more and who humbly seeks instruction in the valuable knowledge they possess.  I’ve been fighting it.  Walking the suggested path noisily.  But…

I’m looking for something.