One more thought

by erics1100paces

AA has, you know, an unofficial step zero, though I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone refer to it as such.  It’s called: get out of the storm.

That’s what AA folk were doing when they gave booze in diminishing quantities to drunks who had the DT’s.  They did it to get those guys out of the storm, so they could take the first step.  For me, during those first few days or so, that’s what pot was.  It was something that got me out of the storm, and allowed me to take the first step.  However, I didn’t need to keep smoking weed all day, every day, for the first 60+ days.  That’s on me.

Fortunately, my HP doesn’t sweat the little stuff.  “Hey, Eric,” he points out.  “You’ve got 68 days without one drop of booze.  That’s like 9 fucking weeks.  So you’re doing something right.  Chill.  It’s all good.  And now you’ve got almost a week completely clean, so you’re doing something else right too.  No reason to beat yourself up.”

“You know what, HP,” I reply.  “You’re a pretty cool guy.  It’s weird that I used to hate you so much for no reason.”