9 Days In – I think

by erics1100paces

I try to post more often.  I really do.   But the Chinese don’t like AA.  Seriously, everything AA related is blocked.  I can’t get to XA-Speakers.org without the VPN.  I can’t access the 12 X 12 online without the VPN.  I need to access that text online because I didn’t bring my copy, and the 2nd step worksheet I am completing requires that I read from that and respond to it.

Anyhow, the VPN is working now, because it is before 7AM in Shanghai, and the Chinese day is shifted a couple hours later than days in California.  What I mean by this is that rush hour starts later, and ends later, at both ends of the day.  Chinese people don’t seem to start work before 9AM.  I have plenty to say, but I’ll save it for another post.  I want to take advantage of this period of access to catch up on the other sober blogs I read.  I hope 365, and Drunky Drunk Girl are doing well, and I want to see what Sober Learning has to say as well.

I’m 72 days sober, I believe, or 8, depending on if we’re counting weed.  Here’s one place that’s helping to keep me that way.  The Shanghai Alano club:


On Monday, I’m traveling to Wu Xi for work.  I got the number of an AA guy in Wu Xi, and I’m gonna call him today and see if he wants to throw together an impromptu meeting Monday night.  That sounds like a bit of an AA adventure to me, and it keeps me excited about the whole thing.