A Good Day

by erics1100paces

After yesterday’s mini-meltdown, I was feeling pretty good this morning.  Then I acted exactly as though I had learned nothing.  Yep.  Spent the morning picking internet fights.  Monday’s kind of a half day off for me.  I sure as hell didn’t want to spend the morning that way, but it just happened.  Then my wife emailed me.  “You sure you want to put that anti-cop rant on Facebook?”  Wife harming ensued.

So.  Bad morning, but good day.  I was kind and hardworking and effective and decent the whole rest of the day.  I kicked all kinds of ass at work related stuff, and felt good about myself.  Later, I came home to an email from my wife.  She had read the prayer I posted last night, and it helped her to feel better too.

Most of all, however, I’m still sober.  And alcohol never even entered my mind today until just now, and that’s only because I’m right now writing about how it didn’t cross my mind.  Goodnight my sober blogging friends.  Thanks for being so cool, and cutting me some slack when I go off the rails a bit.  I wish you all peace and joy in your sobriety, and I’ll keep working on staying more level and steady in my emotions.

Talk to you tomorrow.  Barista1971?  I’ll be posting first thing tomorrow, and probably three more times than that.  So if you ever feel like you post too much, just say to yourself, “well, at least I’m not as bad as crazy Eric at 1100 Paces!”