Wow, great meeting tonight

by erics1100paces

I had planned to go the “lunch bunch” meeting today, but took the dumb route on the subway and ended up getting there so late I decided to just find a place to eat lunch and go back home.  Thus, I went tonight.  Tuesday night is the only meeting of the week that’s not at the Alano club here.  It’s at the….  Donut King!  Mmmm, donuts.

It’s a book study meeting, so I brought my book, and it turned out they were reading my favorite story of all the ones I’ve read:  “The Vicious Cycle,” on page 219.  It’s my favorite for a number of reasons.  I identify with his experience with jobs – getting bored as soon as he figures a job out – and with his pot-stirrer personality, and with his description of the “hot and cold sweats,” which I got all the time.

I also love the bit where he orders the beers, drinks all three, and says, “I’ll be seeing you, boys!”  I have a movie in my head of him dressed up all 1930’s style, tipping his hat, and saying that line in the voice of the guy from those old movies and cartoons who says, “Stool pigeon, eh?  It’s curtains for you, hear?  The coppers are outside, boss!” and stuff like that.

But most of all, I like it because he is the guy who did the single most important thing any AA member has ever done.  He made those old timers include the words “as we understand him.”  Wow.  Thanks, nameless guy*.  How many of us required those four words to be open to an HP?  If step three said “Jesus Christ,” or “Allah,” I’d be drunk right now.


*Jim Burwell.  I googled it.