They have no idea

by erics1100paces

I just read an article in Entertainment Weekly on Philip Seymour Hoffman, published shortly after his death.  Here’s a quote from it:

Crushed, defeated, humiliated, he gets behind the wheel of his car and starts saying, “I’m a f—-in’ idiot,” over and over and over again, barking out the words through angry tears, until his sadness and self-hatred blend, relentlessly, into a mantra of misery. “I’m a f—-in’ idiot!” I bet there isn’t a person who saw Boogie Nights who watched Scotty tear into himself in that scene and didn’t flash back to his or her own “I’m a f—-in’ idiot!” moment.

The author of this article likely had a moment of his own in mind when he wrote that, as did most of his readers when they read it.  A moment.  Or two, or five, or even  twenty.

Lucky fucking bastards have no idea.