Big pimpin’

by erics1100paces

You know how gangsters like to take pictures of themselves with their guns, drugs, and money?  I call this:  Sober thug still life.

Why yes, I am a recovering alcoholic, how'd you guess?

Why yes, I am a recovering alcoholic, how’d you guess?


Note 1:  Yep, I actually have 4 cartons of smokes left.  I left Cali with 6.

Note 2:  Those four pastries cost a grand total of about 8 bucks.  The snickers are about 30 cents apiece.  Soda’s dirt cheap.  That pint of Haggen Dazs though, was 88 RMB.  (6 RMB to a dollar.)

Note 3:  The coffee is brewing in that cool little device behind the cup.  It’s made for tea, but it works for coffee too.  Pour in some grounds, pour in the hot water, let it steep a while.  Then, push the button and all the liquid drops into the glass part below.