by erics1100paces

One of the great things about sobriety is how much more I appreciate food.  I’ve always enjoyed cooking, but the actual consumption of food was an iffy proposition towards the end there.  Alcohol is supposed to be fattening, but I dunno.  I’m skin and bones.  But now I just love food.  I’m always looking for tasty snacks everywhere I go.  And most of all, I love candy.  Candy is so good.  For breakfast this morning, I had two snickers and a couple of pieces of baguette, and about 4 cups of coffee.

Little did I know that would have to last me until dinner.  I had to go to a different city today for work stuff, so I had planned to have KFC (which is very popular here) at the Hongqiao train station.

But I was greeted by this line at the ticket window:

Really China?

Really China?

By the time I had gotten my ticket, there was no time for lunch, and then work stuff took precedence.  Finally, starving, I made it back home maybe an hour ago, and threw together a quick dinner:  sausage, broccoli, onions, bell peppers, and cheese, all fried up in my fancy new pan.  Unbelievably good.  The rest of the french bread helped sop it all up.  But the best was/is yet to come…

Snickers and orange soda for desert number 1.  Mmmm.   Coming up next is coffee ice cream, and coffee.  Then after that, I think I’ll go to the pastry shop near my apartment here, and get some cake type of thing.  Then I’ll probably come back and eat another candy bar.  I love food so much!  Thanks sobriety for reminding me how awesome food and candy are.  Maybe I’ll thicken up a bit now.