by erics1100paces

So today I was talking with D over coffee.  I mentioned responding poorly in a meeting.  Another individual had shared something, and I had offered my opinion about it when I shared.  I expressed regret that I had offered a somewhat aggressive response.

D said, “that sounds like crosstalk to me.”

“I thought crosstalk was talking while someone else was talking,” answered I.

“No, that’s called ‘interrupting.’  Crosstalk is responding directly to another person’s share.”

Are you serious AA?  Why is it that at meetings you always hear, “no crosstalk,” but no one ever explains what that means?!  Is that common knowledge or something?  Is it like the word “cat,” where everyone is expected to know the definition of the word?  In my homegroup in Cali there are these two guys who often chat quietly between themselves while people are sharing, and I’ve sat there many times with my arms crossed and thought, “Hmpf.  Crosstalk is so rude!”  Then I’ve raised my hand and began, “in response to what Bob said…”

Anyways, now I feel like a complete idiot, because I think I “crosstalk” quite frequently, and no one has ever called me out on it before, and I didn’t even know I was doing it.  I’m glad I know now.  Thanks, D, for the headsup.