Guess what I got?

by erics1100paces

A commitment!  And not just a commitment at any meeting, a commitment at my favorite meeting.  And not just any commitment at my favorite meeting, the world’s most appropriate commitment at my favorite meeting.  Starting next Tuesday, until the end of April, the official buyer of donuts for the one meeting each week that is at the Donut King, is me!


I figured, 20 bucks or so a week on donuts for the group is worth every penny.  But then I found out I will get reimbursed from the 7th tradition money, because the Donut King doesn’t charge us to use the space, it just expects us to buy donuts.  Well, hell.   Last week and this week I bought myself donuts and coffee there anyways, and I put 10 quay in the hat.  (That’s standard 7th tradition here – about two bucks.)  So talk about win/win!


By the way, I think that I may have actually eaten too many donuts tonight.  I know.  I didn’t think that was possible either.  But I arrived early, so I bought a couple before the meeting.  Then the old donut guy whose job I took over tonight brought in donuts.  After a couple of people each grabbed one, the rest of the donuts were just sitting there, and people weren’t really eating them, so I just kept on eating them.  But I didn’t want to eat them all, so I made sure that there were a couple left.  But then at the very end of the meeting, there was still one more, and R motioned towards it like, you want it?  And I looked around and motioned like, anyone else want it, and nobody did, so I ate that one too.  That last donut was, I think, a bridge too far.   I felt a bit sick in the cab on the way home.  But, I just drank a big glass of water, and now I feel better.