by erics1100paces

Tonight’s meeting was a discussion meeting about two readings – the daily reflection for the 19th, and a selection from How Bill Sees It.  Both readings were about prayer.  Tonight I’m going to try praying on my knees.  I haven’t tried that.  And I’m going to try expressing gratitude.  Usually I pray for help in being a better person – less of a dick or whatnot.  But one guy at the meeting mentioned that nowadays he tries to pray only for knowledge of God’s will for him and the power to carry that out.  I was like, oh yeah.  That’s what it says.  But I’ve got quite a few steps before I get to that one.  Another guy at the meeting was an agnostic/atheist with a good amount of sober time, who seems to work a pretty good program, and who shared his alternate approach in an agreeable and articulate way.   I’m glad I’m not that guy.

Thank you God for my life today, and for my sobriety.  I didn’t deserve it, but you saved me anyways.  That’s awfully cool of you.