by erics1100paces

I don’t even know if I should post about it, because… just because.  But the timing of things – the serendipity, the rightness, the just… I dunno.  I was asked to lead the small Sunday afternoon meeting today.  Today was the first day I was ready to do that, because I didn’t desire it, and there it was.  It wasn’t until I didn’t want that anymore.   It was not until I could do it honestly – not for me, and not as public speaking, or not for making a statement, not for any reason other than I was asked – that I was asked to tell my story.  And I did and it was flawed and unplanned and not at all about anything but my experience, strength and hope.  I second guess not a single of word of it, and not because it was great or special, but because it wasn’t.  I was asked, I said yes.  I was told to talk for 10-15 minutes, I set my timer for 12, and finished with 20 seconds left, because I started getting choked up at the end towards the end of the “who I am today,” part and I didn’t want to cry.