Restraint of tongue and pen (and keyboard)

by erics1100paces

My Taiwanese boss gave me a bottle of Tylenol, of which I have taken two.  And she’s going to give me some antibiotics as well.  So I feel better now – basically pain free at the moment – except now I feel bad for blaming the entire country of China for my dental problems.  It’s not China’s fault that my teeth are all fucked up.  That’s my fault.

So, I cancelled the dental consultation, and I’m going to see if a combination of antibiotics and Tylenol perhaps can allow me to put off dealing with this until I return to the States.  The lesson here, methinks, is don’t post when angry.  Restraint of keyboard.  Something I need to remember.

Now let’s see if I can get some actual work done, while I’m feeling pain free.