Magic wins (as do Eric’s teeth)

by erics1100paces

Forget part two.  The Empire can suck it.  I’m depriving y’all of an ego-driven, show-offy kind of post, but truth be told, pretty kickass text nonetheless.

Oh well. God decided it wasn’t to be.

First, I get a text from the Wuxi job.  Work out there today is cancelled.  That’s not exactly how it went down, just to be rigorously honest, but that’s what ended up happening after some back and forth, a little unnecessary travel, blah blah blah.  The details are unimportant.

Next a co-worker suggests a different dentist that’s quoting half the cost.  I would normally have just tried the antibiotics regimen first, along with the Tylenol.  It’s still a lot of money, after all.  But, of course, Mike had left a scary comment last night, so I figure what the hell.  It’ll be a few days before they can get me in anyways.  Might as well set things in motion.

She calls for me, and it turns out they have a slot, this evening, 7PM.  And, they can do the consultation and the work all at once.  Of course, I can’t make that slot on a Thursday, because I’m in Wuxi until 6, and it’s not possible to get back to Shanghai that early.  Oh wait.  That’s right.  Work was magically cancelled.

Looks like it’s meant to be.  Fine.  It’s going to hurt the pocketbook, but fine.  I’ll go get the consultation, I can always put off the work if I want.  I need to ascertain the quality, for one thing.  This is, after all, the cheap dentist.

Except it’s completely top notch.  It’s a Taiwanese dentist who speaks English, with ultra sterile conditions.  In every meaningful way, it’s indistinguishable from the dentist at home.

They do the x-rays.  Three cavities, one of which is large enough to elicit from the dentist, upon his looking at the x-ray, the Chinese equivalent of “holy shit!”

“That’s not a good sound,” I say.

He laughs.  “That’s a big cavity,” he says.

The other two teeth aren’t as bad, but need fillings as well.    What they do not need, however, is root canals.   He can do all the work right now, he tells me.  Two hours, start to finish, including x-rays.  Afterwards, I decline the offered prescription for narcotics.  I accept the prescription strength Motrin.

Total cost for everything, x-rays, fillings, and Motrin…  $520 US.   Not free, but definitely manageable, and a totally fair price.

Thanks Taiwanese dentist, you were great.  Thanks Mike for scaring me.  Thanks work for cancelling.  And big thanks to Magical Thinking!  You win again!