Three day weekend commence!

by erics1100paces

So, I went to the 7AM meeting this morning.  Awesome.  I like the meetings that R chairs, where he plays the speaker tapes.  Clancy something this morning.  Hilarious, insightful, etc.  R knows the good ones.  Then I came back here to finish up some work.  It was a considerable chunk of documents to complete, but it had to be done by the end of the day today.  Normally that means I’m scrambling at 4PM.  Not today.  I hunkered down and cranked through them in about 2 hours.  ADD my ass.  The lies why tell ourselves, for really though.

Now, I’m having a bowl of my delicious chicken soup, and when I finish that, I’ll hit my first ever Shanghai lunch meeting.  The crazy thing is, there is literally nothing that I would rather do right now than go to this AA meeting.

Grrr..  OK, I was interrupted mid-post writing by a work related matter.  An opportunity to exercise patience, let’s call it that.  Anyhow, now I’m behind schedule, so I’ll draw this post to an abrupt close and bid y’all adieu for now.

Have a great day!