Fever + Sore Throat > Alcoholic Thinking

by erics1100paces

This is my 100th post.

I ran out of the Donut King meeting last night, shortly after it started.

I slept through the morning meeting today, woke up sicker.  I went to work today, felt OK.  I came home and took a nap.

I woke up about a quarter to 7PM, feverish, and quite sick.

First thought: you’ve got to drag yourself to the club.  What will they think if you miss another meeting?

Next thought:  It doesn’t matter.  Why don’t you prioritize their health over your social status?

I sat down to post.

First thought:  But it’s post 100!

Next thought:  It doesn’t matter.  Say what you have to say.  There’s a lesson here too for you Eric.

Goodnight.  I’m going back to sleep now.