Flashback to February 26th – Written on the Plane

by erics1100paces

It’s now about 6PM Los Angeles time, which means I’ve been in the air on this plane for about 6 hours. The plane ticket gave a duration of 14 hours, but when we took off, the flight attendant said 12 and a half. Regardless, I’m nearing the halfway point of the journey.

It’s been a very interesting plane trip. Foremost, travel sure does suck less when you’ve been sober for 60 days. I want to stress that I am not saying, “travel sure does suck less when you’re not drunk,” though that statement is also very true. But the point is serenity, I guess. God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. Like being on this long plane ride, for example. I am literally trapped on this plane. There is no way I’m getting off this thing until it lands. Historically, that’s when Cire and Little Piggy take over, finding escape routes, distractions, liquor, or… something, goddammit, I’m dying here! I’m not getting what I want! I’m having to face reality as it is, and I find it BORING!

“God, grant me the serenity to accept….”

“Oh hell no!!!” screams Cire.

“I want a cigarette,” whines Little Piggy.

“Eric,” adds Rice. “You know we do not indulge in such irrational language, nor do we justify belief through…”

“God, grant me the….”

“Fuck that!!!” screams Cire again, but he’s not so loud.

“Now Eric,” Rice begins…

“Yes Rice, I get it. You are correct, OK?”

Rice nods hesitantly. “So we aren’t heading down bullshit road? Cause for a second there, you had me worried.”

“Don’t worry Rice, I promise to never forget that you are correct in every official sense of the word. Now, if you’ll give me just a couple of seconds here while you think about that, I have something to say.”

“Alright then, what is it?” asks Rice.

“God, grant me the serenity to ACCEPT the things I cannot change, including Rice, Cire, Little Piggy, and this plane ride.”