Day reset after this post

by erics1100paces

So I’m sitting here being an internet tweeker, just clicking on shit, checking Facebook, checking my blog stats, thinking about fights I want to fight, thinking about posts I want to post, getting up every fifteen minutes to smoke another cigarette, and just generally living in the Dark Playground.*  I’m basically on a bender right now without any intoxicants whatsoever.  Why?  Who the fuck knows or cares.  It’s just how I is.  I’m mentally ill, because that’s why because that’s why because that’s why.

So I’m going finish this post, close the laptop, meditate for about 5 minutes, pray for about 5 minutes, and see if that helps.  I’m going to try to “reset the day,” as I’ve heard people speak in meetings of doing.  Can’t hurt.


*One of the all time greatest internet posts.  If you haven’t seen it, take a look.

*I’m not actually in the Dark Playground, because I don’t really have anything super pressing to do.  I’ve got a few tasks I need to get to by the end of the day, but whatevs.  I work in bursts.  Fortunately, my bursts produce produce aplenty.**  I live in a world where I can get away with an awful lot of fucking around.  I’m grateful to live in such a world, because no other world would have me.

**Yes, they produce produce.  Like fruit trees produce produce, see?

—–Pushing publish, then shutting laptop in 3, 2, 1… Now!