by erics1100paces

OK, so it’s been a strange day.  It’s been a strange 3 or 4 days, truth be told.  I think I’m always like this, but it’s been a bit more extreme the last few days.  I’ve noticed, as I’ve mentioned prior, that when I go through my old posts they seem quite all over the place.  I wonder if there’s something legitimately wrong with me besides just being an alcoholic.  I’ve been using the term “mentally ill” metaphorically.  But I’m beginning to wonder.  Or maybe I’m just being mentally undisciplined.  I can’t tell.  Why am I still at work?  I should have gone home by now.  I really need to settle down and figure this out.

My previous donut post is a joke I made on Facebook in response to someone’s post about homeopathic medicine, by the way.  I put it here because I thought it was funny,  and it related to my donut posts here, but you need the context for it to make sense.  In other words, that previous donut post isn’t crazy, it’s just lacking context.