Who I’m listening to…

by erics1100paces

Well, Paul, funny you should ask.  This morning was Earl H – aberdeen.  Yesterday was the hilarious Chris S -actsofrecovery.  Both were great and made good impact upon me.

But tonight’s is the one that I will need to listen to multiple times.

Jay S – voseindianapolis.  I’ve written a couple of posts on it.  Here’s the short one prompted by it that I post tonight:


I’ve decided to skip a meeting today.  I’m still rather sick, and feeling generally quite worn down.  Tomorrow, I take the 7:05 AM train from Hongqiao Station to everybody’s favorite city in the world – Wuxi Dong.  I’ll walk back in the door tomorrow night pushing 9PM.  So no meeting tomorrow either.

That’s OK.

Instead this evening I decided to lie in bed, drink juice and coffee (from separate containers), and listen to speaker tapes.  Early on – weeks ago – K sent me one from Jay S, which is markedly different from others I’ve heard.  It’s basically an academic lecture.  It’s exactly the tape I need as I continue to reflect upon the third step and what it means.

You see, I’ve entered into a process of conversion.  I’m converting.