Little Milestones

by erics1100paces

Just a couple of little milestones to note here, as well as a bit of a schedule.  I completed my trinity of newcomer chips this morning.  God willing, I’ll never introduce myself as a newcomer again.  One of the benefits of doing it this strange way is that it’s really drilled into my thick skull at this point that I don’t want to do that again.  I’ve got a lot of beginner time invested into this.  I’ll take a picture of my chip triumvirate once I drill a hole into the one I got today and add it to my keychain.  3.  It’s a magic number.

Speaking of magical math:  (111 days no booze) + (48 days no booze or pot) + (31 days nothing mind or mood altering) – (0 relapses on any substance) = 31 days.

Magical but true.  I think that working my way through this one drug at a time was right for me, but I wholeheartedly agree that I’ve only been sober 31 days.

Another milestone I meant to mention a couple of days ago is that I finally was given the code to get in the door at the Alano Club.  I never asked for it, but the other day when I rang the bell, K looked at me quizzically and said, “hasn’t anyone given you the code yet?”

This morning was the first day I got a chance to use it.  No more ringing the bell for me.

Regarding upcoming posts.  It’s a very busy week.  I’ve got a couple of unfinished posts sitting in drafts and I’m not sure exactly when I’ll get them up, but I hope to do so soon.  I want to get the end of my short “recap process”, so I can finish the documentation of where I’ve been so far, and be free to focus on moving forward.  That’s how I can best share my “experience, strength, and hope,” such as they are, given where I currently am in the process.  The second step recap, in which I cover the transition into understanding the need for a power greater than myself to restore me to sanity, will hopefully be done within the next day or two.  After that, I’ve got a third step post in drafts.  I feel confident that I’m ready to put step three to bed*, but my sponsor has made it clear that I’m not done with step three until I begin step four, and we won’t start on that until I get back to Cali.

*”Put to bed” this time through the steps, anyway.  I do understand that many people go through them multiple times in sobriety.