Feeling fighty, but…

by erics1100paces

OK, so I’m feeling fighty.  Let’s pause and do a bit of work here.

1.  What happened this morning?  I slept through the morning meeting, woke up, and after making coffee and smoking a cigarette, I immediately hit the internet.  I looked at something I knew would make me mad and it did.

2.  What have I done so far?  I’ve put up a post here that’s somewhat fighty, or at least glib, in tone, and it’s a post in which I thought about resentments, making me feel those resentments more.  I also put one slightly confrontational Facebook message on someone’s post, related to the article that made me mad.  Not a big deal, it’s a controversial topic.  I’ve now deleted the comment.  Not too much damage done.

3.  What will happen if I don’t arrest this feeling now?  I will continue to ramp up through the day, post more stuff until the feeling breaks, and then feel bad and have to put up another “reflect on my failure” post later tonight.

4.  What can I do now?  Breathe, step back, reflect, write this post to get the analysis down on “paper,” calm my mind, pray.  It’s time to do the calming and praying now.