Not resentful, but mad at myself

by erics1100paces

So I wasn’t paying attention to the dates, and it turns out I committed to a full day – 7AM -9PM – on a work project on Saturday.  A lot of people are impacted by this, and it’s more or less impossible for me to pull out now.  I land Friday midday.  I need to do the prep work for this project before I land, or else I’ll have to do it Friday evening.  I keep spinning around in my head on this, but there’s no place for the blame to land but squarely on my shoulders.  I’m annoyed because I wanted to spend the day with my family.  I’m annoyed because I wanted to go to my homegroup meeting Saturday morning.  Both those things will have to wait until Sunday.

I’ll take this as a last, best lesson that I need to start managing boundaries.


Update:  No time like the present to start managing boundaries.  I wrote some emails and it looks like I can get someone else to handle this after all.  A couple of lessons here.  One, I’m not actually that indispensable.  I wasn’t committed to play a particularly central role in this event, and other people can do what I was slated to do.  Two, if I make a mistake like this, and ask for help in fixing the problem, people are remarkably accommodating.