Communication with Shanghai Program Folk

by erics1100paces

Should any Shanghai people be reading this blog.  OK, so I basically lost all of your contact information when I turned in my China phone.  I deleted We Chat and other stuff from that phone before I gave it back.  I’ve managed to install We Chat on my US phone, but I had start a new account, because I couldn’t remember my We Chat password, and I didn’t have it linked to my email account.

My new We Chat name is the same as my old one, but with an underscore between my first and last name.  If any of you read this, and are willing to add me, I’d appreciate it.

Also, if any of you happen to read this, can you ask French E if the Roxbury Men’s Stag is the meeting he used to go to?  I talked with him about his former Westside meeting, but I don’t exactly recall the name.  If this is the one, I’d love to send his greetings to the oldtimers, of which there are many, who may remember him.