Making Things Complicated

by erics1100paces

Last night I went with two others to the Roxbury Men’s Stag on the Westside.  It’s kind of a famous meeting, apparently.  Anyhow, the first speaker mentioned that complicated people need to work the program extra hard.  I’m going to rephrase that to fit me.  People who like to make things complicated need to work the program extra hard.  I don’t think I’m a particularly complicated person, but I’m definitely a person who likes to make things complicated.  So I better work the program hard.

Also, I really like the extended format of that meeting.  By this I mean, I like the 50 minute 3 person car ride meeting on the way there, the hour and half-ish meeting itself, and the half an hour car ride back (no traffic that time of night).  All told, it adds up to about three hours of solid program.  I was wound up when I left work, but by the time I got home I was feeling very much at peace.