Eric’s Ongoing AA Travelogue

by erics1100paces

So, the Alano club* in Solvang is very nice.  If anyone should happen to visit Solvang, I highly recommend it.  There’s a ton of good sobriety in that room.  Everyone was “on message.”  I was quite surprised that I was the only out-of-towner at the meeting, given that it was Friday 5:30 PM and this is a vacation destination.

Also of note was the interesting format.  The meeting began with the group reading sections from the “AA Group” pamphlet.  I’ve never encountered a group reading a pamphlet out loud before, during any of my stints in the rooms.  It was cool.  The pamphlet is so dry.  We read about the role of the GSR, how to take a group inventory, and stuff like that.  After each section, the chair asked if anyone had anything to share about that which we had just read.  Then we read the second half of chapter two, and the appendix footnoted in said chapter.  Finally, the chair went around the table prompting each successive individual to share if he or she wished.  The meeting was going to end before everyone had a chance, so the chair took a group conscience and the majority voted to extend the meeting until everyone had a chance.

It was a very interesting, very good meeting!

Tomorrow morning, we leave Solvang bright and early and head up the coast an hour and a half.  The wife’s got some sort of craft fair thing she’s going to.  While she’s doing that, I’ll be hitting the 8:30 AM meeting in Los Olivos Paso Robles. So fear not!  I’ll be back here on the blog tomorrow with more exciting news about AA meetings in Santa Barbara County San Luis Obispo County.

And… I have officially begun my 4th step.  I have created a new document, inserted a table with 4 columns, put a heading on each column, entered a name in the first column, and saved the document to my AA folder on dropbox.  I’ll keep pecking away at it over the course of the weekend.  I’ll probably do more tonight, in fact.  But the important news is that it is officially underway.

*It also just so happens to be literally a two minute walk from our lodging.  It’s right across the street.