Trees and Forests

by erics1100paces

How I like to learn:

I took some Spanish classes years back, after college, and was frustrated by the approach to instruction.   I wanted to learn all the grammar first – how to conjugate verbs in all tenses, assorted moods, placement of objects in a sentence, etc.  In other words, I wanted to learn how the forest ecosystem worked before learning about any of the trees or animals therein.  I couldn’t communicate naturally without understanding the grammar.  The vocabulary, I figured, would best be learned as something to plug into the grammar.  But that’s not how they teach Spanish.

How I like to teach:

Interestingly, I don’t teach in this fashion at all.  I’m a big believer in Miyagi school of teaching.  Drop the jacket.  Pick up the jacket.  Hang it on the hook.  “You do this instructive task, and don’t worry about why.”  The purpose will become clear.  Understanding of the whole emerges through mastery of the parts.


AA’s the latter.  It’s an ongoing source of consternation.  I want to understand it before I do it, but that’s not how it works.  I keep wanting to analyze, and I keep getting told, “that’s not helping.”